Three reasons why you should double check what you imported this year

November 2021

Did your business buy goods from outside the UK this year? Do you know how much customs duties you paid? Here are 3 reasons why you should double check what you imported this year.

Reason #1 Reclaim duties paid

Yes, it is possible to submit reclaims to get money back. First, you have to know how much you paid. This isn’t always clear from the monthly invoice you get from your customs agent so more reliable alternative sources need to be checked. But hurry, as there is a time limit to submitting a reclaim!

Reason #2 Give yourself the gift of peace of mind

Not sure if you completed the customs declarations correctly? Don’t worry! Penalties can be avoided if you discover the mistakes yourself before you are audited. By thoroughly checking what you imported yourself, you can submit unprompted voluntary disclosure to correct past mistakes and to prevent them going forward. After all, it is Christmas soon! Why not gift yourself peace of mind?

Reason #3 Be more profitable the future

Every penny counts. That’s why it is worth investing time and effort to explore savings opportunities. Learn what you can do to improve your profitability and implement savings opportunities before your competitors get there first!

What to do now?

Interested in having a customs health-check done? Email Jessica at to get a quote today! Want to include a VAT health-check too? Simply mention this in your email.

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