New offering! Bespoke customs training

July 2020

JY XBorder Consulting is pleased to announce the exciting new offering available to businesses looking to enhance their customs capabilities: bespoke customs training.

What is included?

Half-day or full-day workshop delivered in person or virtually.

Prior consultation will be carried out by the trainer to identify gaps in the knowledge of attendees. A bespoke training proposal will be designed so that the topics to be covered can be agreed in advance. Some topics will be included in all trainings, such as how to complete customs declarations.

Why JY XBorder Consulting?

The training is completely bespoke, designed for and with you.

Industry-specific case studies will be included.

Training can be conducted in English, Chinese (Mandarin) or Japanese.

Customs Grant Schemes

You may be eligible to apply for the Customs Grant Schemes to get financial support to cover the training fees. See:

Applications will close on 31 January 2021, or earlier if funding is fully allocated.

Here is a summary of the process:

Register and apply online (

Wait for due diligence checks before a grant offer email is issued

Make eligible grant expenditure

Submit evidence of expenditure within 2 calendar months from the date of the grant offer email

Wait for this to be payment evidence to be reviewed

Provide bank details, payment will be made within 30 days for all valid claims

Contact Jessica today at or +44 (0)20 8064 0896