Streamlining cross-border trade

JY XBorder Consulting is a London based consultancy firm providing trade-related advisory services to businesses of all sizes. If you are engaged in import or export activities, and you are seeking guidance or support, you have come to the right place.

The world of trade is becoming increasingly complex. JY XBorder Consulting will navigate the rules and regulations with you, so your business can carry on with your cross-border trade activities.

JY XBorder Consulting delivers clear, practical and easy to follow advice to you timely and efficiently. It will support you every step of the way to achieving your goals, becoming your trusted advisor for the years to come.

Our Services

Getting ready to trade for new importers or exporters

If you are a business planning to import to or export from the UK post-Brexit, or have recently started to trade goods, and you are unsure if your business operation is set up correctly to do so, you may find the following types of support helpful:

Setting up to trade

We will put in place the necessary registrations and internal processes to help you start importing and exporting, or conduct market research to identify the best market entry strategy for you.

Day-to-day operational support help desk

We will be on call. Once you are good to go, we are happy to provide ongoing support with queries you have.

Customs special procedures

We will identify potential savings. There are a number of customs reliefs you can claim through the use of customs special procedures, which simplify the customs process and improve your cash flow. The application and approval process can be time consuming, so it is best to start planning early. JY XBorder Consulting can help you determine which ones are likely to benefit you, and provide support during application and implementation.

Maintaining a healthy Customs Function

You may be an experienced importer or exporter already, but as your business expands you will want to improve your Customs Function to prevent any expensive errors. You may find the following types of services helpful:

Customs Function health check

We deliver an experienced pair of eyes to critically examine the set-up of your customs processes and controls to help reduce any potential cost of non-compliance in the future.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) audit support

We will walk you through the process if you are selected for audit by HMRC, JY XBorder Consulting provides support from preparation to post-audit requests, as well as support during the audit itself.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) application

Ready to show HMRC you are a trusted trader? Consider applying for AEO status to reap benefits, or perhaps to meet the request of your customers.

Customs Operations Optimisation

If you are a business with your own customs team, but your resources are stretched to the limit by day-to-day operations, you may find the following services valuable:

Trade data analysis

JY XBorder Consulting can gather insights from your import / export data, using both internal and external sources. It is useful to map out your supply chain to see where savings can be made.

Restructuring supply chain and planning for the future

JY XBorder Consulting can review your current supply chain structure and customs processes as your business grows. We can make these sustainable as the volume of your imports increases. Consider streamlining your operations to reduce costs.

Free Trade Agreement cost benefit analysis

The financial benefits of meeting complex rules of origin to benefit from Free Trade Agreements increases with scale. JY XBorder Consulting can estimate the benefits for you and assist with your Approved Exporter application.


Jessica Yang

Director and Founder

Jessica is the Director and Founder of JY XBorder Consulting Ltd. She is an experienced problem-solver, having worked in the consultancy world for the last decade in Asia and Europe.

Previously, Jessica worked in the Global Trade team of EY in London for 5.5 years, where she led numerous strategic cross-border projects. Jessica is enthusiastic about making trade more accessible for her clients. When Jessica is not advising businesses on trade matters, she spends her time with music and art.


Jessica also speaks Chinese and Japanese.
Contact Jessica today at: